Pennsylvania home inspectors are required to meet the criteria set forth by Act 114 (The PA Home Inspector Law) in order to lawfully perform home inspections in the state of Pennsylvania. This law was enacted in December of 2001 and applies to all existing PA home inspectors who did not meet the criteria at time of enactment or any inspectors new to the profession from 12/2001 and on.  Strong Foundations Home Inspections is in full compliance with the PA Home Inspector Law and provides written proof of compliance at every inspection we perform.

Some highlights of the law are as follows:

– home inspector must have participated in at least 100 fee paid home inspections

– home inspector must be an active member of a nationally recognized home inspection organization which operates on a non-profit basis & has members in 10 or more states

– home inspector must carry Error & Omissions and General Liability Insurance

Follow this link to view The PA Home Inspector Law in its entirety.  Legislation is being presented to amend the current law but has not yet been passed into law.