If you are a current home owner who is thinking about selling your home and buying another one, you will want to have your new home inspected before committing to the purchase.  With this in mind, having your existing home inspected before listing it on the market can be equally beneficial.  Well over 90% of all home buyers will have their new house inspected.  Now, this may cause you to ask, “If the buyer is going to have my house inspected before buying it, why should I have a pre-listing inspection?”.  Here are some answers to that question.

1)  You can have defects discovered and repaired by qualified professionals before you put your house on the market.  Unknown or undiscovered defects that are brought to light by the buyer’s home inspector could become obstacles that delay the sale of your house.  From our experience, a home sale typically falls through because the house has multiple defects and issues that make the house appear to be in poor condition.  Too many defects  devalues a house in the eyes of the buyer.

2)  If repairs need to be made, you can take the time to get the best prices possible from qualified professionals that are licensed in the appropriate fields of expertise.  Save all receipts so you can show the buyer the repair work was done properly.

3)  If a buyer knows a problem has been discovered and corrected beforehand, it raises their perception of the condition of the house.  Well maintained houses are more attractive to buyers.  The fewer the number of defects, the better the house looks.

4)  Knowing the condition of your house before listing it can help you price the house accordingly.

5)  The pre-listing inspection could alert you to safety issues you didn’t know existed.

6)  The real estate market is currently overstocked with houses for sale.  Having a pre-listing inspection can make your house stand out from the crowd.

Pre-listing inspections conducted by Strong Foundations are conducted in the same manner as our pre-sale inspections.  Call us to schedule your pre-listing inspection at (610)792-9498 or send us an e-mail.