These are actual testimonials received from past clients as references on the quality & professionalism of our work. You can also read our reviews on Angie's List.
  • "Nick, we were extremely impressed with the level of detail in your home inspection. You answered every question thoroughly and were very hands-on in the process. You exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend you to anyone."
  • "Thank you Nick for all your help. My husband and I both think you did a wonderful job. You didn't miss a thing."
  • "Nick, you do great work and I am glad to pass your name along. I want my friends to have the same experience that I did. I learned a great deal and you were very patient with my questions."
  • "Once again, thank you for a job well done. Elinor and I both appreciated your knowledge and the effort you put into our inspection. You were very clear and thorough. We will recommend you to our friends when their time to move comes."
  • "Nick, thank you so much for your thorough inspection. Unfortunately, we've decided against the purchase. However, it was only because of your excellent work and the time you spent explaining every detail to us that we were able to make the right decision. We are still in the process of looking for a place, and we will definitely use you as our inspector for any other potential buys. Also, if we hear of anyone else looking for an inspector, we would be happy to pass your name along. Once again, thank you so much for your meticulous work!!"
  • "Nick, if I know anybody buying a house, I'll tell them to call you. Your home inspection services are second-to-none. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and thorough, you were also very friendly and patient, taking the time to answer any questions that we had, even after the inspection was complete. Using Strong Foundations for our home inspection is definitely a choice that I would make again."
  • "Nick, thanks again for the thorough home inspection and for sending out the report so quickly. I appreciate the time you took to not only scrutinize every aspect of my new house, but also to explain things to me as you went along. You identified issues I never would have caught on my own and have provided peace of mind. Well worth the modest investment! I'm happy to say you made a critical part of my home buying experience "the home inspection" stress free. I will definitely recommend you to anyone else buying a house in the Philadelphia area."
  • "Nick, this was my first home purchase and I was overwhelmed with all the choices I had to make once I got the house under contract. I used the internet to look for home inspection companies. I called up and e-mailed a few places. Most were friendly, a few were not. Most gave me a very cut and dry quote and did not have time for all my questions. Your company was different. We exchanged a few e-mails and then had a great phone conversation. You were patient & answered all my questions with a firmness that let me know I had a winner. You were never in a rush to get through the inspection, answered all my questions, and took the time to give me background on everything I asked about. On top of all this, your company is more competitively priced that any other company I looked into. My realtor was also really impressed and says he plans on recommending Strong Foundations to future clients."
  • "Nick, I want to thank you for your wonderful home inspection. I called other places before I called you and found other companies who would do the inspection for less money and would be able to come out earlier or on weekends. But while talking to them I didn't feel comfortable. You were very professional and thorough on the phone and even more so in person. I felt comfortable with you and I am extremely happy with your work. I looked in the phonebook and on the internet for home inspectors and your web page is just as thorough and professional as you are. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you again."
  • "Nick, we just wanted to thank you again for the two inspections. We are very relieved we asked you to do the first inspection. The report prevented us from buying a house which could have turned into a financial disaster. As disappointed as we were with the results of that first inspection it probably all worked out for the best as we ended up with a much better condition house that we are very happy with. We were really glad you took the time to explain everything to us. We're probably pretty clueless first time buyers and it was very comforting to have someone who was very nice and very patient to walk us through the houses and answer all our questions. We will definitely be referring any friends who are buying houses to you! Thanks."
  • "Dear Nick, my husband and I want to thank one more time for the great job you did. You opened our eyes to a lot of thing that would have to be fixed and other problems we would have to anticipate if we would bought that house. As a result, we decided to hold off on the purchase and buy a newer property in the future. We would like to use your services again as time arrives."
  • "Nick, I wanted to let you know that Mike and I decided not to purchase the property. If you can believe it, the Seller had her own contractor come out and that based on his inspection, she would only credit $5,000 and not perform any of the work required. We believe, based on your thorough inspection, that the work required to be completed would exceed $20,000. We thank you for a job well done and for your honest approach to home inspecting. At least now, when we continue our house search, we will pay attention to some of the details you identified when we are determining whether or not to make an offer. When the next "right" house comes along, there is no question that we will call you. Thanks again."