In addition to Home Inspections, Strong Foundations also offers radon gas tests, termite Inspection services, mold/air quality testing and lead paint inspections (Please note – we will only schedule these additional services in conjunction with a scheduled home inspection.  We do not schedule these as stand-alone services).  Our normal price for radon tests is $140.00 and termite inspections are $95.00.  We understand there is a need for these services either for your own peace of mind or as a condition for acquiring homeowner’s insurance.  Verbal termite inspection results may be available the same day as the inspection.  Radon gas test results will not be available for at least 48 hours due to the time needed to administer the test.    

You can schedule all these services at once with a single phone call to Strong Foundations.

* (Mold/Air quality testing and lead paint inspections are currently not available in Berks county)