Since you are using the internet to look for your home inspector, you recognize the potential conflict of interest that exists if you hire a home inspector who is recommended by your realtor.  Realtors and home inspectors have conflicting objectives when it comes to the sale of a house.  Realtors want the house to sell.  Home inspectors want to give you as much information as possible about the condition of the house so you can make an informed decision on the purchase.  This isn’t to say all realtors are unethical and all home inspectors are ethical.  It goes both ways and there are plenty of realtors who do care about your best interests.  However, it makes sense for you as a consumer to hire the home inspector of your own choosing if you do not feel comfortable with your realtor’s recommendation.  

With all of the above in mind, Strong Foundations is a home inspection company that works solely for you, the buyer.  We do not work for realtors, we do not advertise our services in realtor offices, and we do not solicit realtors for inspection business.  We work independently and have no vested interest in the sale of any property.  If you heard about us through your realtor, it is because he/she understands we conduct our inspection with your best interests in mind.  We have no commitment to realtors who refer us to their clients and we do not let realtor referrals affect the job we do for you.  Our customer base has been built primarily through customers like yourself who found us on the internet or through referrals by past customers.  

We take pride in working independently of realtors and building our reputation one customer at a time.  No conflicts of interest is our promise to you.